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How long does a Call last?

You get 20 minutes of talk time with the counselor you choose. You can always refill talktime with any counselor and each refill consists of 20 minutes of talktime. You can always see your list of chosen counselors and how much more you can talk to them.

I selected and paid for an offering, what do I do now?

You can now call your chosen counselor right away! Your list of counselors are listed in your dashboard and clicking on their name will redirect you to respective counselor profile. You get a “Call Now” button.

How am i connected to counselor after clicking the call button?

Once you click Call button, we dial up the counselor from our phone instantly and if counselor picks up our automated call, we call at your mobile number and merge both the calls and if he doesn’t picks it up, we assume counselor is busy and you recieve no call from our number. If you get no call in 10 minutes, you can come to his profile later again and try calling again. You can call as long as you have talktime remaining with him but remember each time you click the Call button, counselor recieves a call. So please be patient with call button or else you will may get banned for a week or permanently if you repeat.

I am not satisfied with Simplernow’s services, do I get a refund?

If you are dissatisfied if any of Simplernow’s offerings you are can avail a full refund by reaching out to us on

Why do i need to visit website in order to call a counselor?

All Simplernow Calls are conducted through a third party calling service. This ensures that the privacy of both parties on the Call is protected. You will receive a Call from the Simplernow number (04039565323) .

Disclaimer- All calls will be recorded and could be listened to, for training purposes, which would help us in improving both the counselor and the user experience.